Sustainable Drives: Exploring Innovations in Green Vehicle Propulsion

We are looking back to a great event together with the projects MAXIMA, VOLTCAR and HEFT and can now share with you the presentation given by Eric Armengaud on behalf of the EM-Tech project. It was a great event and we received many interesting questions from the participants; thanks a lot to organizers, presenters and participants.

Please enjoy the video and don’t hesitate to come back to us in case of questions.

E-VOLVE Newsletter

Our EM-TECH project is, together with the HighScape project, featured in the latest newsletter of the E-VOLVE Cluster. The article is about the common publication that both projects wrote for the FISITA World Congress 2023.

Follow this link to get access to the whole newsletter.

FISITA world congress

Together with the partners of the HighScape project, the EM-TECH consortium has been putting together a paper on “Innovative e-Machine and Power Electronics Solutions for e-Axle and e-Corner vehicle Powertrains“ that was presented by Eric Armengaud at the FISITA World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. 

Workshop on “Sustainable Drives”

The EM-TECH project is part of a very interesting workshop regarding “Sustainable Drives: Exploring Innovations in Green Vehicle Propulsion”. 

On October 24 you can join us from 10:00 to 12:00 for a workshop bringing together four pioneering European projects in the filed of electrification in the automotive industry:

🔸 HEFT – Novel concept of a low-cost, high-power density and highly efficient recyclable motor for next-generation mass-produced electric vehicles 
🔹 MAXIMA – Modular AXIal flux Motor for Automotive 
🔸 Voltcar Project – Design, manufacturing, and validation of ecocycle electric traction motor 
🔹 EM-Tech – Innovative e-motor technologies covering e-axles and e-corners vehicle architectures for high-efficient and sustainable e-mobility

The event is concluded by a panel discussion on “The Future of Electric Mobility”. 

We are herewith inviting you to register for the event and join us on October 24.

To read more about the program and the presenters, please visit the MAXIMA website.

We’re looking forward to your participation and interesting exchange! Thanks to the MAXIMA project for the invitation and great organization. 

Results that count

Do you know the EVC1000 Project

We’ve already mentioned this project in some updates but it is definitely time to put more attention to it. EVC1000 is a successfully completed project with the aim to … 

“support the transition to electrification by innovative and mass-production optimised components enabling the efficient integration of powertrain and chassis systems to finally increase Electric Vehicles (EV) range and user acceptance”. 

The project has now been part of the CORDIS Results Pack and we are inviting you to have a read on it. 

Further information on the project can be found: 
🔹 EVC1000 website
🔹 E-VOLVE website
🔹 and of course by following along our activities and those of the HighScape project! 

We are looking forward to further build part of our development activities on results generated by the EVC1000 project.

E-VOLVE Cluster News

The summer edition of the E-VOLVE newsletter is now out! 🌞

🔎 Besides our project, also the cluster members HighScape and HiPE used the time to hold their General Assembly Meetings. This edition will give you a closer look at each meeting.

📅 You will also find a summary of the next upcoming events from SELFIE EU projectSCAPE – Powering e-mobility and Transport Research Arena (TRA)

Read the full Newsletter HERE and subscribe to the Cluster newsletter on LinkedIn to never miss an edition!

Project Meeting in Guildford, UK

The EM-TECH project consortium meeting lies behind us and here is our recap:

Hosted by the University of Surrey, the EM-TECH project consortium gathered in Guildford, UK to discuss the activities performed in the first 6 months of the project and planned the next upcoming activities.
On the first day the achievements so far were discussed, many questions were raised and addressed which were then adjourned for the next day as the social event was next on the agenda. These are the best times when all participants come together in an informal setting.
Day two brought us back to the meeting room to discuss the status of Work Packages 5, 6 and 7 and fine-tuning the planning of the coming period.
Not even the fire alarm was able to interrupt the spirit of the meeting! We concluded the meeting with many results presented, learnings, action items, and – above all – a clear way forward and a collaborative project spirit.
Now it is time to process everything that had been discussed and agreed on. We are all looking forward to be sharing a lot of great results soon.

Thank you all for these days, thanks to all participants putting all their energy and passion in and thanks to University of Surrey for having us!

Sustainable Development and EM-TECH

We believe that sustainable development is the key to building a better future for ourselves and future generations. Today we are sharing with you the SDGs, the EM-TECH activities are contributing to:

• SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production
• SDG9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
• SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
• SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
• SDG13 Climate Action

Especially Objective 4 is directed towards the circularity solutions for in-wheel and on-board motor technologies by:
• Incorporation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies in the motor design optimization
• Implementation of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) assessment methodologies over the supply chain to obtain the unit cost in €/kW for the EM-TECH motor and drive solutions
• Improvements and updates of the LCA / LCC methodologies taking into account re-manufacturing and recycling of the components and critical raw materials
• Significant reduction of the use of rare earth resources in the EM-TECH machines and adoption of recycled PMs as a viable circularity solution