TU Ilmenau Research Night – Practical insights into use of X-in-the-loop techniques in the domain of automotive engineeringTU Ilmenau Research Night –

Marius Heydrich from TU Ilmenau was presenting the EM-Tech project at the TU Ilmenau Research Night. Have a read on his report of this evening.

“As everyone knows, a modern vehicle is a quiet complex constellation of hard- and software components. Especially electric vehicles have more electrically driven systems than those with ICE, which increases the number of control units and software code lines as well. Therefore, new approaches are needed to accelerate the development and testing of next generation EVs. Highly common are the so-called X-in-the-loop techniques, making it possible to investigate systems and components in the virtual area before testing them in hybrid or under real-world conditions.

This approach was successfully used for vehicle and control development in the XILforEV – Horizon 2020 Project and EVC1000 Project and is now a key part in the EM-TECH project. To communicate the project and its scope to a broad audience, I participated in the Ilmenau Science night that took place on Saturday, 1st July 2023 at Technische Universität Ilmenau.

Not even the light rain on that evening stopped hundreds of people of all ages from visiting the ThIMo I building to get information about the current research activities and latest results. To tackle the weather, we moved parts of the programme into the workshop at short notice to allow visitors to attend dry. Anyway, what is a better background for speeches about automotive engineering than staples of car tires? 😁

With speeches of approximately 20 minutes, me and other researchers of the Automotive Engineering Group intended to make our research visible and understandable for everyone. In my speech, I explained the X-in-the-loop approach, which was the perfect framework to also communicate the EM-TECH project to the people and to further discuss the background.

In my opinion, the event was perfect for promoting the project and its recognition by a broad public audience. Hopefully, the next Ilmenau Science Night in 2025 will be the framework for more detailed discussions!””

Marius, thank you very much for your great presentation and for sharing your thoughts with us!

E-VOLVE Cluster News

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🔎 Besides our project, also the cluster members HighScape and HiPE used the time to hold their General Assembly Meetings. This edition will give you a closer look at each meeting.

📅 You will also find a summary of the next upcoming events from SELFIE EU projectSCAPE – Powering e-mobility and Transport Research Arena (TRA)

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Project Meeting in Guildford, UK

The EM-TECH project consortium meeting lies behind us and here is our recap:

Hosted by the University of Surrey, the EM-TECH project consortium gathered in Guildford, UK to discuss the activities performed in the first 6 months of the project and planned the next upcoming activities.
On the first day the achievements so far were discussed, many questions were raised and addressed which were then adjourned for the next day as the social event was next on the agenda. These are the best times when all participants come together in an informal setting.
Day two brought us back to the meeting room to discuss the status of Work Packages 5, 6 and 7 and fine-tuning the planning of the coming period.
Not even the fire alarm was able to interrupt the spirit of the meeting! We concluded the meeting with many results presented, learnings, action items, and – above all – a clear way forward and a collaborative project spirit.
Now it is time to process everything that had been discussed and agreed on. We are all looking forward to be sharing a lot of great results soon.

Thank you all for these days, thanks to all participants putting all their energy and passion in and thanks to University of Surrey for having us!