Results that count

Do you know the EVC1000 Project

We’ve already mentioned this project in some updates but it is definitely time to put more attention to it. EVC1000 is a successfully completed project with the aim to … 

“support the transition to electrification by innovative and mass-production optimised components enabling the efficient integration of powertrain and chassis systems to finally increase Electric Vehicles (EV) range and user acceptance”. 

The project has now been part of the CORDIS Results Pack and we are inviting you to have a read on it. 

Further information on the project can be found: 
🔹 EVC1000 website
🔹 E-VOLVE website
🔹 and of course by following along our activities and those of the HighScape project! 

We are looking forward to further build part of our development activities on results generated by the EVC1000 project.