Report on the EM-Tech integrated electric motors, electric drives, and associated controllers

Let’s have a closer look at one of our public deliverables and the work performed there!

The target of this deliverable is to define the basic sizes (continuous and peak torque
and power ratings, mass, expected available packaging envelopes) of the investigated components and
systems for case studies. Furthermore, a set of integrated EM-TECH corner modules and on-board electric
drive solutions for electric vehicles are defined to cover the widest possible range of vehicle segments.
This deliverable also describes the associated machine control such as the cooling control and the inverter
control for the new machines, and the vehicle controls to exploit the benefits to vehicle performance
brought by the new machines, including the wheel slip control, the motor regenerative braking and
braking blending, and the anti-jerk control.

Interested in the full deliverable? Don’t hesitate to head over to the document in our results section!