IAAPS with EM-TECH at TRA2024

The University of Bath and IAAPS Ltd team attended the Transport Research Arena 2024 conference in Dublin in April, as part of a broader presentation of Horizon Europe projects managed by Innovate UK with the EM-TECH project and a 3D printed prototype of the e-gear approach.

Footfall was very high during the first two days, with attendees from various sectors, including e-bikes, CNG-powered freight trains, agricultural vehicles, and high-performance passenger cars. Representatives from all four UK nations, Ireland, and Germany were also present. Consequently, many conversations were with people who found the e-gear interesting.

The 3D-printed prototype and the presentation complemented each other well, effectively explaining the technology and its applications. Despite the increasingly virtual world, a physical model that can be handled still attracts significant attention. The LED display and prototype were effective crowd magnets and were impressive features at the Innovate UK stand.


Prof. Vincent Zeng – Lecturer at University of Bath

Mr. Ryan Nicholls – IAAPS Ltd Business development manager

Mr. John Bond – IAAPS Ltd Business development manager

Author: Kristina Burke – IAAPS Ltd Business project manager